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Eco-Mobility BU Eco-Mobility BU has been at the forefront of advancing railway parts by developing lightweight interior and exterior materials for railway vehicles using glass fiber composite materials that offer excellent strength and fire safety. With a focus on securing expertise in advanced composite materials and non-combustible interior and exterior materials, the BU will provide various solutions for the railroad industry, including the application of these materials to the fronts of railroad cars. As the BU expands into Europe, the center of the advanced rail transportation market, as well as India and Asia, it aims to become the world's leading composite material-based railroad vehicle parts company


201812.Started the EMU-250/320 (130cars) project
10.Started the Sydney electric train project (512 railway cars) in Australia
201710.Acquired ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System conversion certification
201601.Started the RS10 electric train project (486 railway cars) in India
201502.Started the SCL project (333 railway cars) in Hong Kong
201412.Completed toilet module development for Wongang line and started business
201311.Interior board passed the highest grade of European standard CEN45545-2
(Laminated interior board in Sep. 2013 / Nomex honeycomb interior board in Nov. 2013))
201212.Delivered 220 cars for the Honam High-Speed Railway
201105.Participated in the development and production of the next-generation high-speed vehicle (HEMU-430X)
201006.Delivered high-speed railway cars for KTX-2 Sancheon
200906.Participated in the Busan International Railway and Logistics Industry Exhibition
200703.Started the main line test of TTX train
200609.Tested the train door system of Gwangju Subway Line 1 in the operation section
07.Acquired a New Technology certificate (Integrated Composite Railroad Car Body Manufacturing Technology)
04.Completed localization of train door system for Gwangju Subway Line 1.
200506.Started research and development of standard low-floor bus models
02.Delivered train door system to Brazil
200407.Delivered door system for maglev train
200312.Delivered repair vehicles (428 cars) to the National Railroad Administration
08.Delivered the first trains to Athens, Greece
200210.Delivered the first trains to Gwangju
10.Awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (for the development of non-combustible interior materials for railroad cars)
04.Delivered the first trains to India
200112.Acquired ISO 9001 : 2000 certification (in railway vehicle sector))
199902.Established the railway car division



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