About Us

CEO Greetings

“Welcome to Hankuk Fiber's website.”

Humans have greatly improved the quality of life through the discovery of new materials such as iron and glass.

Similarly, Hankuk Fiber has played a pivotal role in the development of Korea's composite material industry. At a time when glass fibers were not widely used, we independently developed and commercialized glass fibers in Korea. Since then, we have expanded our business scope to include a variety of industries such as railroad vehicles, defense, and aerospace by introducing innovative technologies and methods, and have realized organic collaboration and win-win growth through synergy management.

Today, Hankuk Fiber aspires to become ‘The Best Composite Material Company’ with the value of ‘Customer First’. We are committed to providing the best solutions that exceed customer expectations by striving for excellence in all fields, including products, technologies, services, processes, systems, and human resources.

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing trends of the times, we will continue to work towards fulfilling the dreams and wishes of our customers, and become a reliable partner for the convenience of mankind.

Thank you.

Lee Jin-kwang,  CEO of Hankuk Fiber