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Company History

2020. 12Lee Jin-kwang, inaugurated as CEO

2019. 11Design and manufacturing technology of composite lattice structure made of high-strength carbon fiber,selected as one of the top 10 machine technologies in 2019 by Korea Machinery Industry Promotion Association
2019. 07Started theMLRS (230mm launch tube) development project
2018. 04Performed the task of measuring and analyzing the thermal response of the combustion tube/nozzle (ADD, 2018~2019)
2017. 10Acquired ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Conversion Certification
2015. 12Signed a civil-military project agreement for the development of composite lattice structure technology and carbon composite materials for high-temperature insulator heaters (civil-military project, 2015-2020)
2014. 07Established Daejeon Design Technology Center (structure, analysis)
2013. 02Received a commendation from the Minister of Science and Technology
2013. 02Received a commendation from the President for the promotion of science and technology and the successful launch of the Naro.
2011. 10Awarded by the Prime Minister for defense quality management
2011. 07Received the Environmental Grand Prize from the Seoul Metropolitan Government
2010. 10Received the Innovative Technology Award for Composite Body Low Floor Bus from Asia JEC
2010. 02Awarded by the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs at the National Green Technology Awards

2009. 10Received a commendation for achievement from JEC for the first time in Asia
2007. 11Received the Presidential Commendation
2007. 10Groundbreaking ceremony for Hamyang Regional Industrial Complex to carry out Korea Fiber's 4 key tasks for composite vehicles
2006. 09Received a commendation from the Minister of Construction and Transportation
2006. 07Completion ceremony for Hamyang Pipe Factory
2006. 07Acquired the NET (new technology) certification for integrated composite railway vehicle body manufacturing technology for the first time
2004. 11Awarded by the Minister of Environment
2003. 08ISO 14001 Certification acquired by Hankuk Fiber
2002. 10ISO 9001:2000 Certification acquired by Hankuk Fiber
2002. 09Awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for the development of excellent capital goods
2000. 03 ssed the highest grade of BS, NF standards for interior materials for railroad vehicles

1999. 10ISO 9002Certification acquired by Hankuk Fiber
1997. 06Received the King Sejong Prize for the development of vitrification treatment techniques for radioactive waste
1992. 02Acquired aviation raw material production qualification for Boeing

1984. 04Awarded the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (from the President)
1980. 08Developed a furnace for glass fiber production

1978. 05Designated as a military enterprise
1972. 04Hankuk Fiber Co., Ltd. established