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Eco-Plant BU Our Eco-Plant Business Unit produces highly competitive products with exceptional characteristics and quality that significantly improve existing water resource-related industries. These products include glass-fiber water and sewage pipes that are resistant to seawater and saltwater while also possessing excellent water permeability and construction capabilities, as well as GRP manholes, firefighting, and plant piping, and more. With an increasing demand for our products in overseas markets, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, we are solidifying our position as the world's top global GRP-PIPE manufacturer.


[ NOW ~ 2006 ]
202209.Sep. 2022Established a Vietnamese corporation
201803.Acquired K-mark certification for GRP pipes and connectors for water and sewage
201710.Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management system conversion
201705.Acquired a patent for high elasticity glass-fiber reinforced plastic composite pipe and its manufacturing method
201611.Acquired Green Technology Certification No. GT-16-00133
201508.Participated in aninternational water and sewage exhibition
201506.Expanded and improved super-diameter pipes and plant production lines
201410.Acquired quality grade “I” class (from Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction)
201307.Entered the field of nuclear power plants
201111.Acquired Hygiene Safety Standard certification (KC mark)
201002.국Received the National Green Technology Award from the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
200910.Received a commendation from JEC (European Composite Materials Association) for the first time in Asia
200807.Jul. 2008Acquired Q-mark certification for GRP manhole
200802.Received a commendation from the head of the Public Procurement Service
200801.Acquired “K” mark for GRP pipes
200711.Received “Presidential Commendation” for water and sewage technology development
200709.Acquired KS (KS M 3333) certification for GRP sewage pipes
200607.Completed the Hamyang Plant (GRP pipe production plant)
200606.GRP pipes and manholes certified as excellent products by the Public Procurement Service

[ 2005 ~ 1998 ]
200511.Registered a patent for a fitting for joining water and sewage pipes and its manufacturing method
200510.Registered a patent for GRP pipe
200507.GRP manhole patent-registered and designated as a new environmental technology (No. 134)
200411.Awarded by the Minister of Environment for GRP pipes
200408.GRP pipe included in civil design standards of Korea Water Resources Corporation
200308.3rd party unit price contract for GRP pipe procurement
200212.GRP pipe certified as “New Material Available” by Korea Land Corporation
200210.ISO 9001:2000 certification obtained by Hankuk Fiber Co., Ltd.
200208.Acquired KT new technology for GRP pipe production technology using continuous filament winding
200102.Acquired KS (KS M 3370) certification for GRP pipes
199908.Applied GRP pipes for the first time in Korea
199806.Developed GRP pipe for the first time in Korea

[ 1997 ~ 1972 ]
199202.Acquired certification for the production of aviation raw materials from Boeing and M/D
198704.Moved to Miryang Plant (Yongji-ri, Bubuk-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do)
198404.Awarded the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
198008.Developed the glass fiber production melting furnace
197805.Designated as a defense company
197204.Hankuk Fiber established (at Shinpyeong-dong, Saha-gu, Busan)



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